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Naukluft Fondation

Visit the Nabasib Culture Group!

Experience the award-winning school choir of a traditional Nama primary school.

A new travel destination in the Sossusvley area is born! The visit of the Nabasib Culture Group in the Nama community 15 km south of BuellsPort, offers the perfect inside into the Nama culture and a Namibian School apart from the typical tourist attractions. The Nabasib Culture Group consists of 15 to 25 children aged 9 to 13 who work out different art projects – one of these is their successful choir.

In 2005 the Naukluft Foundation, a cooperation of BuellsPort Guest Farm, Blässkranz and Ababis Guest Farm, was established. The main focus of this Foundation is to support the Nabasib Primary School thus providing the children of their employee’s access to school nearby. The education goes beyond the regular school program: different social and cultural projects and sport programs are also offered. Another of these projects is the successful school choir, established in 2013. Under the leadership of an enthusiastic choirmaster Mr. A. Ortmann, Ms Elfrieda Plaatjies, this choir developed outstandingly well and won the second prize in a Cluster School (regional) competition in 2014!

We now invite you to come and see the Nabasib Cultural Group and experience their unique performance. The Song which the young singers chose for their winning presentation is one of Namibia’s hidden jewels. It is the first draft of the National Anthem of »Namibia«. But for the children it is not enough to simply sing that song – their presentation includes a traditional dance with authentic costumes, handmade in the sewing centre. To get an impression please click on the following link: YouTube Video




Visiting the Nabasib Cultural Group is a must both for individual travellers or whole travelling groups. It is the perfect stop on the way to or from Sesriem/Sossusvley, as it is the only cultural attraction in this area. Visitors experience the award winning school choir and get an exclusive insight into a typical day at a Namibian Primary School. The school director Mr. Fritz Plaatjies is pleased to answer all questions coming up.

In addition, each visit is a profit for both visitors and children: There is no fixed fee but donations are welcome and are preferably paid to the Naukluft Foundation as the school has asked the Foundation to manage the funds to be generated by the Culture Group for them so as to enable them to fund future visits of their learners to NaDeet. The Foundation was established in 2005 and has collected more than 230 000 N$ for social projects and used them to support the Nabasib Primary School. Ernst Sauber, chairperson of the Foundation, was able to realize with the long-term commitment from several supporters such as Henkelaner, Heinrich-Hertz-School Hamburg, Riesa Schule, Rotary Club Büdingen and Namibia Hilfe, projects such as:

• Installation of solar power in 2008

• Patronage program for 12 learners since 2011

• THRASS teaching program in 2012 – helping with the English proficiency

• Fund the start up of the Culture Group – this group is envisaged to generate enough funds for future visits of NPS learners to NaDeet – currently theses visits are donor funded

• New mattresses and hostel renovation in 2013

• Hostel renovation with new solar penals providing hot water in 2014

With the money earned by the choir performances, Nabasib students are sent to the NaDeet Centre near Sesriem/Sossusvley. NaDeet (Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust) is a non-profit environmental education organisation, where children learn first-hand about sustainable living, biodiversity and the balance between humans and the environment. Themes as water shortage or alternative energy production increase the awareness for the environment and teach the children to take over responsibility. With your visit you support this valuable educational project and show Namibian children new perspectives!


We are happy to welcome you


For more information please contact the school director Fritz Plaatjies+264 81 713 5978 (SMS),

Elfrieda Plaatjies +264 81 435 7267 (SMS) or the +264 81 639 8875 (SMS)

Or the secretary Mrs. Alcock +264 81 494 6562 (SMS)


Alternatively make use of BuellsPort Guest Farm to make a reservation in advance to info@buellsport.com




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