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-24.148085,16.363748 P.O. Box 97457 -NA- Windhoek Namibia
Ernst Sauber 00264 63 293371 00264 88 625749 info@buellsport.com
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Hardy, Healthy, Happy Horses

Welcome to BuellsPort Warmblood Horse Stud! Breeders of high quality Namibian Warmblood horses, our stud has proven to produce some of the best Warmblood Horses Namibia has to offer. Imported German bloodlines are prominent in our breeding. Over the years we have been selective to produce well tempered, well framed, achiever horses aimed for Show Jumping, Dressage and endured trail horses. 

Our harsh terrain ensures tough horses that grow up in a natural environment. Young stock maturing amongst other horses, on our vast mountainside farmlands, has proven to produce quality and well balanced horses.

BuellsPort - Nina 19. January 2016