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Sossusvlei Day Trip

The dunes at Sossusvlei are one of the scenic highlights of Namibia. In the nature park the sand hills, which are up to 300 meters high, shine in bright brick-red, orange and golden-yellow shades according to the time of day. Thus, Sossusvlei is one of the most popular photo motives in the world.

A little further west of the Sossusvlei is the Deadvlei located. In the vastness of the desert you can find dead camel thorn trees, whose age is estimated to be 500 to 900 years.

On the way to Sossusvlei one can also visit the Sesriem Canyon, which in some places is only a few meters wide and up to 30 meters deep. Here, throughout the year, small water pools can be found, home to some fish and water places for birds and even antelopes.

The day trip to the Sossusvlei includes the visit to the dunes, as well as to the Deadvlei and the Sesriem Canyon. On the edge of the dunes you can watch the glorious play of color during a picnic. With an 4 x 4 vehicle you will drive directly through the dunes and have enough time to climb up some of the dunes.

Date & Facts
Duration: day trip
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BuellsPort - Anke 20. January 2017