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Archaeological Trail

You have the choice between to hiking trails: a short and easy circular hike and an extension for those who want to see more.

Both trails, the long and the short one, start and end at the BuellsPort farmhouse.

On this hike you pass important stations which played a role in the life of a human of the Stone Age. Our direct ancestor, homo sapiens sapiens, was active in this area 50.000 years ago hunting with arrow and bow. Its weapons and tools made of stone are still evidences of its existence in this region. A little collection is exhibited in the farmhouse.

More information about archaeology on Buellsport you find in an extra brochure which is placed in the farmhouse.

Der The Hiking Trail

You reach the foot of the “Naukluft” Mountains by passing the flat hunting area in the plains. From here you have a great view over the plains and the “Tsondab” delta. Following the game tracks of the “Naukluft” you come to the “Bullenkopf” mountain. 

In the end you walk along the “Tsondab” riverbed. After a journey through the past you come back to the farmhouse.

If you decide to go for the long hiking trail you go around the “Bullenkopf” mountain. Here you can visit the places which served as a rest camp and hiding places for the Stone Age people. One highlight is a cave which is located on half way up the mountain. Feel free to explore a nice “Two room Stone Age flat with a nice view”.

The way back leads you through the “Tsondab” riverbed with its fascinating Flora and Fauna.

Short Hiking Trail

You start your hike behind the farmhouse. Follow the yellow way marks.

You pass between the horse stables and the barn. Go through the first gate and continue straight. After passing the stony riverbed you will come to a second gate which is on your left. Go through this gate, cross the street. You will see a third gate a few meters on your right. (Please don’t forget to close all the gates after passing). Now you went through the third gate hold right.

Point 1: Naukluft Mountains

Following the yellow marks on the old farm road you reach point one. Here you can see the extraordinary formation of the Naukluft Mountains: On your left and right you will see the high mountain chain with the “Bullenkopf” mountain in the middle. This mountain marks the only flat way through the Naukluft which is used since thousand of years by nomads to reach the coastal area. Depending on the season they followed the game and took advantage of a very good source of food.

Point 2: The Mountain Slope

Here you should take out your binoculars or just have a look with your “Eagle Eyes”. While some game species take (took) the flat way through the riverbed of the “Tsondab” others try (tried) to find their way by climbing through the mountains (Like e.g. Kudus, Zebras or Baboons).


Point 3: The Plains

Here you get an impression of the size of the area where the games herds come from to pass the “Naukluft”. The green stripe, called “gallery forest” marks the riverbed of the “Tsondab” river, which in the past and the future is an important source of water. On the flat plains you may see big Springbok herds.

Punkt 4: Bullenkopf

On your left there is a single standing mountain, the “Bullenkopf”. The tight passage through the “Naukluft” is now just in front of you. As a hunter this is a good spot to have an overview of the plains as well as the riverbed. On this or the other side of the “Bullenkopf” (where nowadays is the C14) would be a good place to hunt.

You follow the way marks downhill until you reach the old farm road.   

Here you can decide weather you want to take the short way (You go on the farm road left, which leads you back to the gate where you passed the road, from there you go back the same way you came) or the long way.

Long Trail 

Follow the farm road to your right. Pass another gate and follow the yellow markers. Don’t be confused if you see some yellow arrows pointing in the opposite direction, they belong to another trail. So whenever you see those arrows you will be on the right way.

Point 5: Rock Peaks (Abris)

You go on the farm road for a while. Then you cross the riverbed on your left, you come along an old outpost, hold left. You reach point 5 the rock peaks. .

Those "Abris" served as a place to cover, hide and cut the pray into peaces before bringing the meat into the cave. Traces of campfires on the walls and Stone Age weapons were found in this area.

Point 6: The Cave

You continue your way through the riverbed around the “Bullenkopf”. Next to the ruin of an old farmhouse you go up the mountain on your left until you reach point 6. This cave was a secure place for the Stone Age people, here traces of camp fires and weapons were also found.

You have to go back the same way you came, downhill to the ruin.

Further on you follow the way marks until you reach the big road. Cross the road by passing two gates (Again please don’t forget to close them). The trail will lead you to the point of departure.

Duration: ca. 2,5 hours (4,5 long trail)
Starting & Arrival: BuellsPort farmhouse
Difficulty: easy
way to the cave: hard
Equipment: Closed walking shoes, hat, binoculars and about 2 litre of water each person (3,5 litre for the long trail) 
Highlights: Bushman Cave, Fauna and Flora, you follow traces of our ancestors around your hike
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