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Mountain Zebra Horse Trail

ImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenThis trail is for the brave- hearted, providing a definite challenge for riding enthusiasts, leading through difficult terrain.

We follow a steep zebra trail leading us high up into the Naukluft Mountains. The horses cope amazingly well with the difficult terrain. The views are constantly exquisite, and individual family groups of mountain zebra and klipspringer surprise us. Every now and then, we need to dismount and lead our horses up paths that are steep or narrow for them. After about two hours’ riding, we reach the plateau. As short rest is well deserved by both rider and mount as we enjoy a sandwich, some fruit and water from our saddlebags. We slowly descend, following a farm road that wind through the Naukluft. At the foot of the mountains, we water our horses at a trough which is a great attraction to rosy-cheeked lovebirds and various games. From here on, it’s plain sailing back to the farmhouse. Expansive views over the BüllsPort plains keep our visual interest. We arrive around 15h00, and after tending to our horses, we relax our tired muscles in the cooling water of the pool and indulge in some freshly baked cake with our coffee or tea.

Date & Facts  
Duration: 4-5 hours
Starting & Arrival: BuellsPort Guestfarm

strong challenge for horse and rider, heavy and rocky terrain

Special features   
included picnic
Booking at the Guesthouse
Inclusive VAT
1 Pax
2.660,- N$ per Person
2 or more PAX
2.215,- N$ per Person
BuellsPort - Anke 13. October 2016