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After an early breakfast we start our trail on the ridge of a small mountain, following a track to the west, possibly encountering kudu and mountain zebra. At Leopard Valley, the first watering point, we enjoy the large variety of birds. A special treat are the rosy faced lovebirds. The rocky road forces us to move slow enough to appreciate the fantastic vistas. After watering the horses at a dam we reach the open plains where our mounts can show off and break into an easy canter as we pass Oryx and springbok going about their daily lives. At another watering point on the farm, we take a relaxing lunch break, In the afternoon we canter over the vast desert plains and along a dry river bed. We admire huge colonies of sociable weaver birds’ nests and possibly meet springbok, Oryx, warthog and baboon. The open country side invites us to do some trots and canters. For the last few kilometers we ride under the acacia forest that lines the Tsondab River, arriving at the farmstead during the late afternoon. After unsaddling the horses, the groom takes over and we head for the pool and a well-deserved sundowner.

Date & Facts  
Duration: 8 hours
Starting & Arrival: BuellsPort Guestfarm
Difficulty: normal
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included lunch
Booking at the Guesthouse
Inclusive VAT
3.730,- N$ per Person
2 or more PAX
2.780,- N$ per Person
BuellsPort - Anke 13. October 2016