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Horsing around on BuellsPort


There are several possibilities at Büllsport to experience the farm and the Naukluft Mountains on horseback. You can choose between several out rides between 1 and 3 hours. For experienced riders, 1 - 3 day long horse trails through neighboring farms, the Naukluft Mountains to the Remhoogte pass are on offer. 

Riding lesson are possible as well, a 20m x 60m dressage arena is available and for the beginners first lessons in the lounging circle can be arranged. All horse trails are undertaken with a guide. The horses are calm and easy to ride. All of them are schooled in basic dressage riding and jumping. At Büllsport Hanoverians and Trakehner horses are bred as well as the hardy "Boerponies". 

ImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenImgHiddenAll horses are roaming free around on the farm and have to be brought in for the riding excursions. Therefore, it is advisable to book all horse trails in advance. Hard hats, gloves and chaps are available.

For a safe and enjoyable horseback ride we make available to you:
◾ Hard hats (are compulsory)
◾ Gloves
◾ Chaps

Beginners outride

For beginners we offer riding lessons and also a ‘beginner’s out-ride’ along the ridge trail. The horses climb up a little hill, where you have a panorama view over the farm and the…     

Riding lesson

During your stay on BuellsPort would you want to have missed the opportunity to go on horseback? To allow even beginners to enjoy the incredible feeling of unity between man and animal, we offer riding…     

1 night - overnight - Safari Naukluft - BuellsPort

Day 1 Arrival at BuellsPort should not be later than 14h for this trail. Take a dip in the pool and indulge in some homemade cake with your coffee or tea for refreshment. About two hours before dark, we…     

Discover BuellsPort

After an early breakfast we start our trail on the ridge of a small mountain, following a track to the west, possibly encountering kudu and mountain zebra. At Leopard Valley, the first watering point, we…     

Mountain Zebra Horse Trail

This trail is for the brave- hearted, providing a definite challenge for riding enthusiasts, leading through difficult terrain. We follow a steep zebra trail leading us high up into the Naukluft…